Alright guy's, here is another Hyborian land that is filled with adventure, wealth and lots 'O' Death. :lol:

Same as usual, let me know what you think. Also, any requests for a particular land????? Stygia, Cimmeria, Hyrkania and Shadizar have already been done.

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1) Lost Mine of Gul’Gularath: The Lost Mine of Gul’Gularath is a series of caverns deep beneath an ancient ruin, in the middle of the Hyrkanian Steppes. The mine is said to be laden with thick veins of silver. Over the last 100 years, several merchants and nobles have sent large caravans to the site to claim the site and mine the ore. None have ever been heard from again. A tribe of the Horse folk, the Wal’Azir, believes the ruins are haunted by the spirits of those that died in the ruins above the caverns. No records can be found about who built the ruins, but several legends state that the ruins were an ancient outpost of the evil Acheronians.

2) Cursed Ruins of Baraz’kul: Baraz’kul was an ancient castle that was transformed into a way-town, between the cities of the Vilayet and the far off land of Kusan. Large trade caravans and vast amounts of wealth passed through Baraz’kul, making it as wealthy as cities five times its size. One day a white robed figure entered the city and claimed that he spoke for the spirits of the land and that this city was angering the earth. Most of the people laughed at the old man, but others realized that this “prophet” could hurt trade with his blasphemous talk, so they had him jailed under false pretenses and then quietly executed him. Before the robed prophet died, he cursed the people of Baraz’kul stating, “The Sun is your Jailer and Executioner. To look upon the Sun is to look upon your own death.” It has been over 40 years since anyone has come or gone to Baraz’kul and lived to tell of it.

3) The Poisoned Pool of Amanarath: Amanarath was a lieutenant to the ancient horse chieftain, Khajah Al’Amar. Amanarath betrayed Al’Amar to his rival chieftains at a crucial time in a major battle. Al’Amar survived the battle and captured Amanarath before he was able to escape. Al’Amar bound and gagged Amanarath to a palm tree at a remote oasis and cursed him to watch over the oasis, even in death, and to allow only those who have not “Betrayed” to drink from the oasis’s waters. Few have gone to the oasis and returned.

4) Devils Eye: A 100 foot plateau, rising out in the middle of the Hyrkanian Steppes, Devils Eye has stood for over 400 years. Ancient Horsemen claim that it was an ancient burial site for a renowned horse chieftain. Others state that it is a temple to some forgotten god that only waits for his faithful to return and sacrifice. The only fact about the plateau is on nights when the sky turns violent and the clouds let loose their fury, large bolts of lightning can been seen striking the top of Devils Eye in quick succession. Many believe that an artifact, left by the ancients, still rests upon the top of the summit.

5) Ruins of Marthag’Gul: Marthag’Gul was a city up to 70 years ago, until the combined armies of Rhamdan and Onagrul destroyed it. Marthag’Gul was said to have been a corrupt city of greedy merchants, shadowy thieves, and death dealing assassins. No actual fact can be found in any records or documents of history; however it can be surmised that Marthag’Gul was cutting profits from both cities and was destroyed for simple economic reasons. Today, the ruins are said to be filled with bandits, slavers and escaped political prisoners.

6) Kata’Vul the Seer: For 30 years, Kata’Vul has lived within his “Blood Tower”, along the eastern coast of the Vilayet. Kings and commoners alike have come to his tower to seek knowledge and wisdom and to have him read their futures. Each person is required to pay for this service, but not every person pay’s the same price. Kata’Vul is eccentric, and will ask coin of one person and then ask service of another. Whatever the case, it is whispered that Kata’Vul is not only a Seer, but a powerful Sorcerer as well. More than one pirate ship of the “Red Brotherhood” has attacked Kata’Vuls tower, only to have their ship struck down by mysterious storms that seem to appear instantly, and disappear just as quickly. Kata’Vul does take apprentices, and has been known to make offers to the most unusual of people.

7) Village of Mata’Kai: A small village nestled along the eastern Vilayet coast,
Mata’Kai has long held a tradition of sacrificing virginal women to the sea at the Harvest of Waves. The Harvest of Waves was a tradition that started over 50 years ago, when the village was on the verge of starvation due to the lack of fish being pulled from the sea and the unfertile land not producing. One day, a villager named “Olagrah” stated that she was the last, faithful, follower of an ancient sea god that would save the village, and in return asked only that a virgin be sacrificed to Olagrah’s god on the first day of the new year. The village had nothing left to lose, and did as Olagrah asked. Within the month, fisherman’s nets were full, and the ground began to produce food. Since that time, Olagrah has had a temple built in the middle of the village and has preached the word of her god to all in the village. However, recently, the villagers have begun to realize that if sacrificing one virgin a year brings great fortune, than sacrificing more victims will bring even greater fortune. The villagers realize they will soon de-populate the village if they keep using their own, so they have begun to look elsewhere.

8) The Oasis of Yatazul: The oasis of Yatazul borders the great Wahuan Desert and the south-eastern Hyrkanian Plains. The last and first stop between the Wahuan and the Hyrkanian plains, the oasis has traded hands many times over the years. Recently, a large band of Hyrkanian Horsemen have set up camp at the oasis and charge a high fee to any that wish to use the waters. The leader of this group, Chief Ali Ben’Massul, has let it be known that he is in need of clan-less nomads and hardy mercenaries for a war against another, unknown tribe. Rumors persist that Chief Massul has heard of an ancient tomb, located within the heart of the Wahuan, said to contain the wealth of an ancient civilization. However the ruins are guarded by a fanatical tribe of desert warriors, who guard the tomb with their lives.
Posting 7-8 hooks everyday make me think your ideas grow like mushrooms! :lol:
Nonetheless none of your hooks are bad; many lead to one-shot session while hooks n° 2,7 and 8 may lead to longer adventure (with the awalening of an ancient evil - this is an idea I like very much in Conan setting!). In the last one For instance, some warriors could unintentionally open the tomb of a sorcerer waiting in a state of stasis that someone break the seals of his prison ending his century-old confinement.
Mr. King,

Thanks for the great feedback and compliments. I am definately full of ideas (although my wife might say Im full of something else :wink: ). I will keep the "Adventure hooks" coming.

How about Aquilonia, Vendhya or Shem next?

Eric in Vegas
EricKRod said:
Mr. King,

Thanks for the great feedback and compliments. I am definately full of ideas (although my wife might say Im full of something else :wink: ). I will keep the "Adventure hooks" coming.

How about Aquilonia, Vendhya or Shem next?

Eric in Vegas
I accept hooks from any Hyborian kingdoms! :D

If your wife doesn't like Conan, you should introduce her to some unviolent RPG. Most RPGs are macho game because there is so much fighting associated to them. But there are probably some more poetic games around (what about vampire? :lol: ).