Hyperion Ship Plans - Out This Week!


Agent13 said:
1) states that it is a very long hook thousands of metres long and was designde for docking ports(that are no longer in use). Docking to a space station would generate gravity via centrifugal force.

That would be centripetal force ;)

A space station docked to in this way would need to be exceptionally huge (something like 1000 times the mass of the Hyperion) for this to work effectively or it would rapidly spin itself out of orbit as the combination would no longer be rotating about the station's centre of mass, but the combined centre of mass of the two. Not pretty, not pretty at all. Additionally, if this cable is thousands of metres long, then the effective gravity at the Hyperion end is likely to be, say, a factor of 9 higher than it is at the outer surface of the rotating section of the spacestation, so probably about 9g... erk.

The physicist in me can't see this working on any level...

Harddocking at the rim of the station, counterbalanced on the otherside of teh station by another Hyperion would be more feasible, and I'd still not attempt it...


I'd be more interested in explaining whether ships moving at 1g acceleration from planet to planet generate their own 'artificial gravity' - which would mean that the decks would have to face down towards the engines (and a ship could decelerate at 1g when approaching another planet, turning the ship 180* to keep the crew from having to walk on the ceiling...)



better wear your velcro socks ;)

I like these plans alot, but have one or two nits to pick. The ship is a Hyperion Gamma varient, which is cool since it is what I will be using in my upcoming Dilgar War campaign, but while they left room for the troops, there is no space for the assault shuttles to carry them or the breaching pods. I also think they should have had an alternate deck plan for a few decks for the ships that are used to carry 30 ground vehicles or aircraft instead of troops. Just my thoughts.


I'm curious: what format are the plans in? Are they just in a 8.5x11 booklet, or something bigger?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to order the PDF; it'd be nice to know if it's actually going to be readable onscreen. If the plans are anything like the Enterpise-D blueprints that were put out a while ago (huge foldout plans), I'm not thinking so....


The poster is very nice but I think it will be a bit impractical for a game, unless you have a very big table. I'm considering getting the PDF so I can just print out the decks I'll need for the action.