Hyborian Fauna

Yogah of Yag

I had a question about the stat-blocks of several of the animals from the AE's Bestiary. Shouldn't animals get the maximum hp for their 1st level as do PC's? Thus making the Son of Set [309, AE], for example,

Hit Dice: 8+21d8+66+[10 Toughness] (178 hp)

instead of

Hit Dice: 22d8+66+[10 Toughness] (175 hp)??

This 3-point increase could be the difference between having a new pair of fine snakeskin boots, or winding up a tasty treat!

If there is a ruling in the AE or SRD regarding this difference in calculating hp for animals/beasts/monsters, please let me locate it.

Secondly shouldn't the serpent's bite attack have an AP rating, too?


The rule I was told long, long ago (several editors ago) was that named & important NPCs get the 1st level maximum hit points but unnamed (or named but unimportant) nobodies (including animals without individual names) get average hit points the whole way through.
Thanks, Vincent.
I guess if one digs into the rules deeply enough, one finds its flaws and limitations. Something like the main character discovering the end of the world in the movie Dark City! :shock: