Humanity Costs


I was sitting around wondering instead of humanity costs for cyber, how about rejection rolls. Basically make a saving throw againist a DC modified by the (needs to be created) cybernetic systems rejection modifier, if the player fails their bodies reject it. This rejection to be in the form of damage, sickness, other complications or even the body/nervous system simply refuses to work with the limbs. Of course there could be a whole slew of drugs or feats made to help this roll and maybe the quality of the cyber could help the roll out. Thoughts?

Good idea. Maybe it doesn't have to be instead of the cost of self, but this being in the poorer areas or earlier times, because of the lacking equipment. Whereas in the wealthier areas there wouldn't be this problem. Which could then lead to a gang of cyber rejects who hate all things connected to cybernetics.

- Casper/Sonny