Horror OGL Fansite up!

This is fun. I love it when fans step out and build up the genre! Very cool! So, off topic... do you actually like Kingdom Hospital (I saw the ad for it on your site). I've tried watching it 3x and can't stay interested. I watched the pilot and the second episode and then like the 5th show. Did nothing for me. The aardvark/anteater/sloth - thingy threw me for a loop! ;-)

- Stratos
Yeah..I must admit, I love kingdom hospital. I can't explain it (well, I think the cancelation of angel has something to do with it). Antibus (the anteater thingie) is a creative idea and I am working on his stats for my site.
The original Kingdom series (the Danish one) was one of my favourite horror shows. That, the Ring, Dog Soldiers and the X-Files were all huge influences when I was working on OGL Horror.

Nice site by the way, Tymothi. :)