The jeske

Ok I started a sikini army and got this : 30 soldiers , 16 guards , 16 venerables all lords I could get(lord , general with another guard unit and my favored the tyran) . And made 20 slaves . I have a question .How to make a good army out of this cos there is no skini players here (every one plays MI and few bugs) and no one can help me.

I also have a question If I take tower with weapons do they have crew ? And if yes, then how many?

Also why dosn't the skini lord have lock and load? :(

Thank you for the help.
The Skinnie lord does have lock and load, it's an omission. The Skinnie weapons towers are closed up so have crew inside but the only way to destroy them is to destroy the tower.

You could have a pretty good Venerables army with a lord and 16 Venerables, with maybe some Guard for flexibility.
Hey, what size army are you trying to make? I feel like the most effective Skinnie armies are definitely General armies simply because you get to choose your Priority level, so that's a good place to start (especially because generals have access to almost as many units as even the PL3 Lord does).

My basic Skinnie army now is a General with Elite Guard, an Ambushing squad of soldiers and some REALLY beefy Venerables.

Give me the point value you're looking at and I'll give you some army list ideas, and feel free to pm me if you have any more specific questions!
welll I've been thinking about taking 3 units o 5 soldiers with neral beamers and one 6 soldier squad with 3 heavy constricors . an ambushing unit of venerables (5)with extended jump and a 7 guards with 2xhc. led by a tyrant.

Or a army with 3 venrables and a lord with 2 venerables . Artilery . and an ambushing unit of extended jump guard.

Or a heavy on bunkers and towers(hvy lasers againt flyers) army with my tyran (I just love the model but had to make him fater ) with soldier and neural beamers and an ambushing unit of guards or venerables .to have options againts any underground army .

Am still kind of a new to this game (played only 3 times ) and the game is fantstic more dynamic the the others I played . And the priz support on tournaments is bigger then anything I have ever saw in my life (and am a bit old).

With the amout of MI army here ( no skinis but me and one or two bug players), I find it hard to play without bunkers cos even shilded venerables tend to die very fast.(exept my tyrant in each game I played he took an atomic warhead ,two shots from a chicken hawk and a gryzzli squad ) .Some how he doesn't want to die :shock: .

If I may have a question . If I use ready and then jump can , I shot with my neural beamer durnig the fly?

Also the cost for slaves (for a champ) is diffrent once it is 10 once it's 5. Whitch one is correct ? And can I take more then one slave for one model :twisted: ?
The jeske said:
If I may have a question . If I use ready and then jump can , I shot with my neural beamer durnig the fly?

No, if you ready and then jump, you can shoot on the fly at ANY point in your jump. You can even fire 2 weapons with your venerables. However, a neural beamer is a ready weapon, so you have to ready it before you can use it, so you can EITHER 1) ready and then jump or 2) ready and then fire the neural beamer. You can, however, fire a light neural beamer on the fly.

I like your first army. It seems pretty balanced. You could spread out the Soldiers to hold enemy units back with the neural beamers (which are very good at holding flanks as they pretty much instantly kill anything in their path), then with the ambushing venerables, you could get rid of any unit that is hiding from you with light neural beamers and boneshard rifles. The guard can then jump around and weaken some enemy units that may hide from the soldiers until you're ready for the Venerables to come out. The only thing I DON'T understand, is why you'd lead this army with a Tyrant over a General. When you consider that the general will come with the elite guard, he costs about the same as your Tyrant, but he will let you choose PL1 AND he will be much less of a liability. I've found that the points that your opponent gains from you being PL2 are almost never outweighed by the Tyrant's ability to ignore the first loss to the army because your enemy now gets DOUBLE points for killing you (and another +25% bonus if he survives).

I'm not sure why you'd be taking a lot of bunkers. Sure they're fun, but with the way accurate weapons work now, they're not worth it. Losing an entire squad from a few sniper shots just doesn't justify the cost to me. Just use cover and terrain well (The should ALWAYS be a LOT of terrain in SST, if your terrain doesn't cover 1/4 of the board, you're using too little) and you should be fine.

Hope that helps.
well thank's the thing is that I like the tyran model .true that the PR of 1is very good and that they cost the same amount of points. Not many rangers here . Only gryzlis and mechs (and I mean like 7 or 8 MI armys looking almost the same) no rangers , no other skini . And the towers are a cheap way to get a hvy laser or two and with a cheap wall they give me a good cover for my h.constricotor squad they survive more then a hvy speeder and cost the same points .also we can't get hvy destroyers or the big venerables here :( .

also if a stream weapon is behind cover(a wall) or in a bunker those the shot stop at the window (the bunker) ?