Heresy Industries

Good Afternoon,

To those in the Vehicle Construction Industry, Heresy comes to you with a Job request, we need an advanced *All Terrain* Vehicle, the Role this vehicle is to fill is *Salvage*, the Set maximum design budget is $15mil. We only require that 1 Anti Infantry weapon is fitted to each design for defensive purposes.
To go into greater detail, The Exact Number of Vehicle's we need designed comes to Six, 2 Flat Bed Truck's, 3 Truck's that will carry the necessary Equipment for such work (Crane's, High Density Cutting Tool's etc.) , 1 Van Truck and Finally 1 Truck to carry the 40 man work team. The Exact Design of each Vehicle we leave up to you to decide, Our only involvement from this point on is to hand over the Company check for the Prototype's.
For all the company's interested, Please reply with a design of at least one of the mentioned truck's, The company that submit's the best Design will receive a 10 year Contract for the construction / replacement of the said Vehicle's.

Thank you for your time.

Heresy Industries, the Company with no Moral's.
Good Afternoon,
Heresy Industries Comes to you again with a new Contract offer. As a Company with it’s own Warmek assets it has become increasingly clear that we need a mek with decent AA ability’s, More to the point, We need mek’s built exclusively for AA warfare with some added offensive / defensive ability’s to deal with ground unit’s and other mek’s. Our limits to the design will be posted below;
- Must be of Medium or Smaller design
- Must have decent speed
- Optionally we would like it to be a 2 pilot set up
- As for the exact armour, we would prefer a Stealth Armour.
- Weapon load out? We leave the choice up to you.
The price limit we have set for this mek come’s to $8million Dollar’s. If you think you can fulfil the order, Submit the design, the one with the best design will be awarded a 5yr contract as well as Shipping right’s using Heresy Shipping ltd. The port’s we own operate out of Australia and the EF (Exact location will not be disclosed here for security reasons).
Thank you for your time
Heresy Industries, the Company with no Morals.