Hey all I was wondering, what does the cover of the Conan Atlantian edition look like? I ask because I have seen two versions. One that is on this web site and another on a diffrent site. The latter is a mostly black cover with conans sword on it.
It's almost exactly like the first edition , same painting and font but with " Atlantean Edition " about two inches from the bottom , and the spine no longer has the " OGL " logo at the top .
Thanks I wanted to make sure I was ordering what I thought I was before I spent my cash. I wonder what was up with the black cover conan book? It can be found at I think it was.
I think that the black cover sword book you are refering to is simply the mock-up for Amazon et al to use when representing the books. It's not an actual cover.

I have seen the same reproduced for Skrolls of Skelos.

You will notice that Shadizar has a different cover on Amazon than the Mongoose main site.

And states that it's a hardcover, not a boxed set.