Hello All


Hi there,

Lucious recommended that I pop in here and introduce myself -- so hello all! I'm W. Jason Peck, and I'm the author of the Xuthal article in the recent Signs & Portents. I hope at least some of you liked it. Here's hoping I can get a few more in there.

Happy to talk Conan with anybody.
Thanks, I did my best. I came to this Conan game a bit late, mostly because I've always been a HUGE Howard fan and all the previous versions of a Conan game were just terrible. So, I guess I was a bit gun-shy. So when I actually did get around to picking up this Conan RPG, my jaw literally fell open. This game was amazing! Here were guys who actually understand how Conan should be portrayed. Here was a game based on the real Conan, on the source -- Howard himself. It literally drips with the original Conan tales.

Its beautiful, Man...
I have to agree with most people, I really enjoyed the article and I look forward to anything else you might have to contribute.

Welcome to the boards, and may your blade always be sharp by Crom !!!

Thanks again all. Wow, what a community you guys got going here! I look forward to hanging around. And I do have a couple irons in the fire, so hopefully you'll be seeing more from me soon. But now that you mention it, I SHOULD go sharpen my sword.

I'm off!