Hawks over Shem!


I read through Dr Skull's adventure set in Shem last night, so I decided to re-read Hawks over Shem last night as well, and:
1. In one paragraph, Conan feints, and in the very next one, jams a blade "To The Hilt" - the game sounds just like reading Conan! Of course the guy just died with the "To The Hilt", so no extra damage each round or stuck weapon... ;)
2. With some slight modifications, Dr Skull's adventure could be set as the precursor to Hawks over Shem, namely, the PCs are among those sent by King Sumuabi to help the revolting Anakim people, led by Othbaal. But then they are trapped due to trickery of Othbaal who simply sought to lure out the rebels into the open, such that the PC group is jumped by the Othbaal Anakian troops who the PCs think they are being sent to help. Trapped between Anakian troops and the King Akhirom of Pelishtia's troops, the PCs can either run east into the desert to escape, pursuing the Zingarans, or get captured by Shemitish (rather than Turanian) troops and taken to a fort from which they have to escape.
That would certainly work. There are several other betrayed and destroyed armies in Shem and/or Stygia in the stories that would work too.
"Hawks over Shem" was one of those DeCamp/Carter re-writes of a non-Conan Howard story. The original was called "Hawks over Egypt" and I think that the character that was re-writen to be Conan was a crusader of some sort (I know I have the story somewhere) and the mad Sultan is based on a real historical character.
"Hawks Over Egypt" is in The Road of Azrael. I haven't got to it yet (now reading "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth").