Having it Large in Conan rpg

tarkhan bey

I was looking thru the feats again and once again I have to say that Carouser is my favourite for sheer character. However I thought that the simple statement about the -2 penalties to characters who did not possess this feat did not do justice to the time honoured tradition of adventurers getting hammered down at the local tavern.
So I was wondering if any of you had your own house rules for this phenomenon.
My own house rules are based on a simple strength and amount of drinks consumed against the constitution of the imbiber.
This is a basic list of a few choices on the tavern menue.
Weak or watered beer/ale str1
standard beer/ale str2
strong beer/ale str3
weak or watered wine str2
standard wine str4
strong/fortified wine str6
These are based on standard measures of a mug of ale and a goblet of wine.
Minuses to skills and abilities are applied in two ways to the drinking character.
1)Once the combined str of the drinks consumed exceeds the characters constitution score he suffers a -1 penalty.
From this point on the str of the drink is doubled until the character exceeds his constitution again when the penalty becomes -2.
At this stage the str of the drinks are trebled until constitution is once again exceeded and the penalty becomes -3.
2)Following every drink the character takes(including the first-the mythical bad pint that caused the hangover is very real in my game) he must take a fortitude test at a DC equal to the combined str of all drinks consumed.
The first time that this roll is failed the character feels a wave of nausea and recieves a -1 circumstance to all rolls.
The second time it is failed the character is violently ill and recieves a -2 circumstance to all rolls.
If the character fails for a third time he falls asleep in a drunken slumber.

Both sets of minuses are applied to characters and thus it is possible that someone with a weak constitution might possibly feel ill after one drink and a hulking brute might be on a-5 circumstance before keeling over.
I am still thinking of rules for hangovers and recovery from them.
Your thoughts and opinions will be very much appreciated.
I don´t remember where i read this rule....if it was in the wizards "arms and equipment guide " or in one of the AEG books ( perhaps in mercenaries).
The rule was that each type of drink has a Dc to Fort Save, for each drink the Dc is up in 1 ( so for example 1 beer Dc 10, the second 11, the third 12...and etc...) When you fail you loose 1d4 Dex AND 1d4 Wis...so you start saying things you shouldn't..
the book contains rules for alcoholoc intoxication too. If you are interested i can search for it and tell you more. :D
I found it..."arms and equipment guide page 32"
well the rule was, firts drink with no penalty, second with-2, third with -4 and so on.... if yoy fail you loose 1d2 DEX and 1d2 WIS if both drops to 0 you suffer from alcohol poisoning. ( for save dc for that type of alcohol if fails start loosis 1 point of temporary CON every 10 minutes until he dies or the stomach is purged.

the abiility damage is restored 1 for each hour after consuming the last drink :) feeling terrible in the process :twisted:

well these are the rules..