Harnworld & MRQ2


Is there anyone here who's familiar with Harnworld? Not the rules (Harnmaster), but the system less setting.

I've gone through all the MRQ2 Common, Divine and Sorcery magic spells one by one, and attributed them to the relevant (in my opinion) Convocations (Common and Sorcerous magic), and deities (Divine magic).

I was hoping someone could scan them and let me know if they are alright, if I've missed something or made some kind of error.


MRQ2 ‘Divine’ Magic & Harn

Agrik evil god of fire and war [12]
Alter Target, Channel Strength, Consecrate, Excommunicate, Extension, Fear, Heal Wound, Lightning Strike, Meditate, Reflection, Shield, Sunspear,

Halea goddess of wealth and pleasure [5]
Aphrodisiac, Consecrate, Excommunicate, Extension, Meditate,

Ilvir god of sorcerous beasts [10]
Beast Form, Breathe Water, Call Winds, Consecrate, Crash of Thunder, Dismiss Elemental, Elemental Summoning, Excommunicate, Extension, Meditate, Shapechange (Sorcery spell page 135)

Larani lady of paladins [12]
Alter Target, Amplify, Blessing, Channel Strength, Consecrate, Excommunicate, Exorcism, Extension, Heal Wound, Meditate, Shield, True Weapon,

Morgath evil god of the undead [10]
Consecrate, Crash of Thunder, Eclipse, Excommunicate, Extension, Fear, Meditate, Resurrect, Sever Spirit, Soul Sight,

Naveh god of thieves and assassins [13]
Behold, Consecrate, Disarm, Eclipse, Excommunicate, Extension, Fear, Fog, Gleam, Meditate, Rain, Shield, Sureshot,

Peoni lady of healing and virtue [19]
Absorption, Bless Crops, Channel Strength, Clear Skies, Consecrate, Cure Disease/Poison, Evergreen, Excommunicate, Exorcism, Extension, Heal Body, Heal Mind, Heal Wound, Meditate, Regenerate Limb, Resurrect, Shield, Spirit Block, Sunspear,

Sarajin Viking god of battle [16]

Alter Target, Beast Form, Berserk, Channel Strength, Consecrate, Crash of Thunder, Ebb & Flow, Excommunicate, Extension, Fear, Heal Wound, Lightning Strike, Meditate, Reflection, Shield, True Weapon,

Save-K’nor wise god of riddles [10]

Behold, Consecrate, Dismiss Magic, Excommunicate, Extension, Illusion, Laughter, Madness, Meditate, Mindblast,

Siem god of dreams, elves and dwarves [13]
Consecrate, Dismiss Magic, Excommunicate, Exorcism, Extension, Fear, Fog, Heal Mind, Illusion, Meditate, Mindlink, Sever Spirit, Soul Sight


MRQ2 ‘Magic‘ & the Shek Pvar

The Convocations

Lyahvi (Lee-AH-vee)
Lyahvi is the magic of the insubstantial, invisible, ethereal, and illusory. Lyahvi mages manipulate light to illuminate confuse or hypnotize. The essence of Lyahvi is bright, sterile, and unliving. Gems, mirrors, and other items which reflect/retract light are used as foci.

[Common Magic] Bandit’s Cloak, Bearing Witness, Detect X, Glamour, Golden Tongue, Light, spirit bane

[Sorcery] Animate Reflection, Attract Spirit, Banish, Castback, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Diminish POW, Enhance POW, Fly, Glow, Phantom (Sense), Protective Ward, Smother, Teleport

Peleahn (Peh-lay-ANN)
Peleahn is the most active, destructive, and least thoughtful school of magic. The Peleahn manipulate heat, smoke, and fire to produce pyrotechnic effects. They also deal in Ethereal Fire, which requires no mundane seed, but is somewhat less dangerous than mundane fire; Peleahn foci include firepots, flint and steel, and other fire-making tools. Raw energy and action also fall under the jurisdiction of Peleahn.

[Common Magic] Dragon’s Breath, Firearrow, Fireblade, Ignite, Light, Mobility, Multimissile, Parry, Push Pull, Slow, Speedart, Strength, Warmth

[Sorcery] Animate Fire, Animate Smoke, Attract Fire, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Diminish STR, Enhance STR, Form/Set Fire, Haste, Protective Ward,

Jmorvi (Jeh-MORE-vee)
The element of the Jmorvi is metal. Their magic runs in a slower vein and includes the construction and: manipulation of metallic locks, tools, weapons, etc. Jmorvi favour metallic objects as foci.

[Common Magic] Armoursmith’s Boon, Bladesharp, Bludgeon (metals only), Dullblade, Pierce, Protection (metal only), Repair

[Sorcery] Animate Metal, Attract Missile, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Diminish STR, Enhance CON, Enhance CON, Form/Set Metal, Holdfast, Protective Ward,

Fyvria (FIV-ree-ah)
Fyvria is the magic of the green and growing, the pale and dying – essentially the cycles of growth and decay that underlie the natural word. The base of Fyvria is fertile earth where life swarms. Fyvrian mages use organic objects as foci, Including petrified wood, bags of earth, even living plants and animals.

[Common Magic] Beast Call, Bestial Enhancement, Cauterise, Clear Path, Disruption, Endurance, Hand of Death, Heal, Protection (leather only), Skybolt, Strength, Vigour

[Sorcery] Abjure Food, Animate Wood, Attract Beast, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Diminish SIZ, Enhance SIZ, Dominate ‘Beast’ (specific), Form/Set Earth, Form/Set Wood, Holdfast, Palsy, Protective Ward, Regenerate, Restoration, Treat Wounds,

Odivshe (Oh-DIV-shay)
Odivshe is the magic of slow, cool darkness, the opposite of fire and action. Odivshe mages study and manipulate water, ice, darkness, and cold to achieve their ends. They also make use of Ethereal Water, the counterpart of Ethereal Eire. Odivshe incorporate water, snow, or ice in their foci.

[Common Magic] Boon of Lasting Night, Chill, Darkwall, Demoralise, Extinguish, Frostbite, Water Breath

[Sorcery] Abjure Water, Animate Water, Animate Shadow, Attract Water/Ice/Shadow, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Diminish DEX, Enhance DEX, Form/Set Water, Form/Set Shadow, Hinder, Protective Ward, Smother,

Savorya (Sah-VOY-ya)
The Savoryans deal in knowledge, thought, and concept, all of which, they believe, stand above the other elements. Their foci incorporate illustrations, runes, or the written word.

[Common Magic] Babel, Becalm, Befuddle, Fanaticism, Mindspeech, Second Sight, Understanding

[Sorcery] Abjure Dreams, Banish, Castback, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Diminish POW, Enhance POW, Dominate Human, Intuition, Mystic Vision, Neutralise Magic, Protective Ward, Project (Sense), Sense (Object or Substance), Spirit Resistance, Spell Resistance, Tap POW, Telepathy, Wrack.
Are you talking about Columbia Games Harn or Crossby Harn? Since Crossby has passed away CG, technically, is the official canon. Both have extensive and good quality "fanon" but they don't mesh well together. As the split between CG and Crossby was very acrimonious so too is the split between the fans.

If you're happy with it then go for it. Nothing about it screams 'wrong' to me.

jolt, Why drag those flamewars here? In any case, Kelestia did not publish any material on Harn. They published stuff for the mainland.

Good material regarding the religions and magic, Grimolde.