Halloween for A Call to Arms Players


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Hey guys,

Just to let you all know, we are holding a Halloween Open afternoon/evening/night on the 30th (details on our news page). While we will be playing lots of different games (not just Mongoose!), attendees will also be able to see the new A Call to Arms game and miniatures two days before we announce it to the rest of the world and, if there are a few of you, we'll run a few games too!
Interesting, I am working I think So I don't think I can come

So is 3rd Ed finished or playtesting still going on?
Playtesting still going on - the core rules are pretty much down pat, so we just have fleet balancing left (and anyone who turns up next week can help out :)).
Man this is so not fair. Us poor guys in the US are going to have to wait to see it in Signs and Portents. :( any ways at least we will get to finally see the universe and the miniatures. Hooray.
Might have to come, forgot to pick up LBB: 6 today, which is ironic since I helped put the unsold stock back on the shelves at the end of the day!!!

Darn, have a list of house work to do as long as my arm.....

Whoever does go be sure to take a camera and update us with the pics of new ships! Cant wait to see them!