Grievous Wounds System, Revised & Improved


I've revised my Grievous Wounds system. It's now modular. It no longer replaces the existing rules for critical threats and hits. It also is somewhat less deadly, and less random.

Let me know what you think.

Oh, and my thanks go to Iron_chef and Infidel_X whose super-criticals and critical hits tables respectively influenced this system.

- DMW -
Well, in this system, my character wouldn't last more than 3 rounds. The way I roll, when it comes to combat. Skill checks, I can make (usually) most of my skill checks.
Seems to me that making it a FORT save is the opposite of what the genre calls for. Did you try it based off of the initial impact? Basically, the harder the hit, the more likely it is to lop something off - a product of the d20 roll versus DV or the total DMG rolled.

I'd also say that something like this undercutts Decapitating Slash a bit. How do you plan to account for that at later levels?