Greetings to YOU, Kai board users!


Hi, I am new to the board and new to interest myself to the Lone Wolf RPG d20.

I was a huge fan of the Joe Dever series (in french it was "Loup Solitaire") and I have read book 1 to book 20.

Thanks god I when for the first time to a local D&D convension and I tryed "Lone Wolf d20"... Could it be true I told myself. Anyway, I decided to try this game, since the goal of these small convension is to try new settings and material.

GEEZ ! I was incredibly surprised ! Kai Lord, Crystal star, knights of the summerlund, Drakkarim, etc. etc. ! YEAH !!!! :shock: :D

Thanks to Mongoose and Mr. Dever to have revived this flame, hidden in my adult heart.

Btw, I am a Math and sciences teacher of 31 years old with a wonderful wife, my first kids ( a girly of 2 and a half months), owner of a stables of 22 horses, D&D Darksun GM and NOW :

Players and GM when I will have the time to start a game of the wonderful world that made me dream all my young years... LONE WOLF.

Ok, now that you know me in the private, you can do as on the WotC Darksun board and call me : Silly frog. :lol:

I know Tower of the sun site, is here any other place where I can find valuable informations OR find FAN creation material about the Magnamund world?

Wasnt there a fan who created a monsters supplements or something like that?

Thank you.
Hello Grummore, and welcome! I thought I recognized your name from some place (DS boards). Glad you found out about the awesomeness of the LW RPG.
Welcome aboard, Silly Frog! It's good to know Columbob and I are not the only frogs in the pond... :lol:
Oui, bienvenue à toi!

Il me semble qu'il y a passablement de francophones sur ce forum (beaucoup de Quebecois si je ne me trompe pas)!

En tout cas c'est rigolo... je suis aussi prof de Maths et de Sciences Naturelles (bon... je dois avouer que je n'ai pas d'étable ni de chevaux... en Suisse c'est pas commun...).

But let stop speaking french here...

This small message was just a way to say "hello" in Moliere's language to our new friend! :wink: