Greater TK, weight limitations, and saves

(1) Is there a weight limit to the objects moved with Greater Telekenisis?

TK text defines "objects" = "alchemical, rocks, weapons, and so on." But This is not Conjuring which has a light weight limit defined (5 pound move, 10 pound hover)

alchemical (extremely light)
rocks (Rock = pebbles to boulders, great weight variance)
weapons (heaviest weapon is 20lbs, arbelest)
and so on ( weight ??? )

(2) Greater TK allows "found objects" mode - Where the object may be anywhere in range, not just on the sorcerers person. It does not say the object must be unattended.

So can a sorcerer using Found object mode in Greater TK fling:
(2a) A weapon from someones hand?
(2b) Armor being worn (therefore flinging the person too)?
(2c) A Person?

For attended objects or objects being held is a Will save vs MAB roll sufficient? or would a disarm check be required if flinging a weapon away instead?

edit: spelling