Got Mine!


Got my Conan book tonight! It is beautiful! Woot! :D

Don't know when I'm ever going to get to run or play in a campaign, but I'm leaning towards either a Barachan Isles, or Zamboula-centered campaign (two extremes).

In the meantime, after I read through Mongoose's offering, I've got 235 magazines of source material to sift through for adventure fodder... :wink:
Great day for me, not only did I get two copies of the RPG but my copy of The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian arrived as well.

I am in Hyborian Heaven. :D
The wait is starting to get to me. My SciFi Bookclub edition of 'The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian' arrived yesterday though.

If nothing else, the wait should teach me patience.
Picked my copy up earlier today. So far I've skimmed through most of it and have to say the information/style/background is excellent. :)

Not a single game store in Jacksonville, FL (well, ok, there are only 3 gaming stores) has the book yet. I'm dying here! :cry:
I got mine yesterday and have only two more chapters to read.

its a very good book, keeping close to REH's vision for Conan
I was impressed by how much this game is able to keep to Howard's vision.
To all who had a hand in bring this game to print, GREAT JOB!!! :lol:
Going to get mine at lunchtime.

My FLGS called and said my preordered copy is in. Now I'll be able to see what all that stuff on the character sheet really means!
Just got mine yesterday. It is really a nice looking book and I dont mind the $50 cover price for this quality.

The story passages add nice flavor.

Shading and color match and flow well together, they dont compete for my eyes' attention.

All the weapon diagrams in the equipment section have blood on them. Giving it a darker more violent feel then in the players handbook.

I wasnt sure how you were going to deal with slavery but it was done well. A simple price list and explination of where it is legal and where it isnt. No need to go into great detail that starts getting difficult as a publisher and most GMs.