GM Session Notes



Err... I take it your players have not read much Conan? Otherwise, Umar Bakash's may be quickly recognized. :twisted:

Nope! As a matter of fact, I turned all 4 of my Players on to REH when The Coming of Conan came out last year. Before that, all they had ever seen were the [gods awful] movies and a few of the Marvel comics. Now, they're hooked!

Shadows Over Zamboula is one of my favorite fantasy short stoies of all time. I HAD to pay tribute. (By the way, my players don't know that I've swiped an idea straight from REH yet. I can't wait until they actually read the story themselves. :twisted: )

Now, if I could just get one of my Players to stop asking for a Mako cameo....

I read this and enjoyed it thoroughly, well written and interesting.

Sounds like you had a good session :)