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Hi guys, I thought I'd share this with you, I recreated the charts myself in word and thought it may be of use to you. I have been working with Mongoose on it, but apparently there will be some rule changes ,so Use it for what it's worth. I was working on a SOrcery page as well, but am awaiting feedback from Mongoose. Unfortunately I didn't complete art for it only one image I painted which you can find in downloads under the yahoo group in the art folder.

Again , this is not the end all, but I found it has most things I need to know frequently.

Thanks ,

Tom Game Aids/gm_conan.doc
I'm not sure why we are getting that. It worked before as I tested it. Let me see what I can do.

I just checked the downloads and for some reason It's not found. Maybe there is some type of file size limitation. I tried to make it as small as possible without losing too much clarity. The problem is I have the file at work.

Not sure what's happening. I'll have to email the moderator or something. Sorry about that.

Yuan-Ti if possible can you upload to another source.
Over all pretty nice I can use it tomorow night.

I did noticed an error in the combat formulas.

Under Armor Piercing (Target) you list the formula as AP + Damage, this is not correct. You must equal or exceed the DR with your total AP (weapons ap +Str mod if applicable) to get the benefit of AP.

Its also missing Sundering Parry and To the Hilt in the Combat Manoeuvers table.
I still cannot open the file from here, It says I am not authorized yet I created and posted it.

rook111 You are right not sure what I was looking at when I did that formula, that would be rediculous. I will try and fix it up Monday.

I know why I missed those maneuvres now, I looked at the character creation sheet on the website and it had the maneuvre with pre-req. Those weren't listed.

Thanks for those catches. There are so many formulas that I actually provide the sheets to players as handouts. Once I did Combat in particular went much more smoothly, odd I never caught that ap item as we never calculate like that.

Thanks again, and hopefully everyone will be able to get the file, not sure what's happening with Yahoo groups. This painting I finished recently comes up on yahoo groups no problem.

Tom and Images/Artwork/in_progress_fin.jpg
I don't know exactly what the issue is with the downloads section there. We don't have any issues with any other files, so I'm guessing there are three reasons one might get an error...

1. You must be a member of the group, and have a Yahoo Profile attached to your email address. Otherwise, it will restrict your access.

2. If a bunch of people downloaded it all at once (which they probably did) Yahoo will probably put a cap on it per day. Just try it again in a day or two, and it will probably download. Now that Tom zipped the file, it should eliminate that problem, anyway.

3. Yahoo sucks, and the email groups have never been the same since Yahoo took over E-Groups. Unfortunately there is no known cure for this.
Jees, tagnetti! I haven't had one problem downloading said file from the yahoo group. I am a member of it. However, I'd like to ask, does the link in your previous post contain an updated version of the GM screen found at the yahoo forums, or is it the same?
Please use the new link I posted above, I put it on my personal webspace now, should be fine. The yahoo links are a pain.