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I don't post much around here, but I do like a lot of the things said. We all are B5 fans to heart and well thats why I'm posting now. I'm currently running a game with a few friends and well I need some help. The last few sessions I've ran were good, but I did run one really bad session that had just a lot of stuff that just ran into one another and not making a lot of sense.

Now I have some what of an idea, but I feel that it dosn't fit. If someone wouldn't mind helping me out map out and create a story for my game, it would be muchly appreciated and helpful. I really love B5 but I want to characters to grow and evlove without being on the station, but I want them to be able to go to the station when they need to. I will post up to this what all has happend so that those who want to help me can get a better feel of whats going on. Also those who want to help post up your email addy or IM or whatever and we can talk that way. So that way my players don't see whats all being posted here. I know for one that LoneStranger post here a lot and he's one of my players and leader of the group.

But anyways, any help would be very much welcomed, also I'm using the Firery Trail Sourcebook as a part of my story, but I want an overall story arc that will set things up for Season 2. Anyways please, I need help.


Anla'Shok Lynx
Alright first I'm going to list all the characters that are in the group and what level they are and what classes they are. Then I will give a brief summary of what has happend.

Conner - Lvl 2 Soldier (Human, Bodyguard for hire, Leader)
Wolfgang - lvl 2 Soldier (Human, B5 Security)
Achezio - lvl 2 Scientist (Human, Archeologist with some Medical skills)
Shaal - lvl 2 Officer (Minbari Warrior Caste, Fleet, Pilot)
Livia - lvl 2 Diplomat Attache' (Minbari Relgious Caste)
Allia - lvl 2 Agent (Centuari, of the Sister of Aluria)
Chris - lvl 3 Telepath (Human Psi Corp, Commercial Teep)

This is the characters in my game. Now as for the summary.


The characters have known one another for quite a bit of time. They actually met back in December of 2257 aboard Babylon 5, they have done quite a few things together and met one another through other people in the group. Now their first true mission was the first module in the Fiery Trail which they did very well I have to say. But the following events after that still show the characters in a way don't trust one another. Now after that, I had them all back on the station when some crazy things were going on. There was a gang in Down Below who had got access to some experimental poisoin dubbed "Scorpions Kiss." now when either drunk, or shot into the blood stream, it causes people to get very sick and in some cases death. Now the group was in a pub on B5 when one of the dancers got very sick. Livia (Centuari Agent) is a dancer and she saw the girl that was sick throw up some black iqur. The girl's eyes went black and she passed out.

Now the group was really concerned and to make a long story short, I really didn't have any idea as to what all to do with the plot so I had it taht the group managed to find out what it is, question some people and security got the info and dealt with the gang and had the poison destroyed. Now the following adventure was dealing with them going downbelow, they all were trying to find something for their characters to do and gain. Some went down to find someone, another wanted to make contacts, another looking for a job and so on. They go to Happy Daze and meet up with a man that goes by the name of R.A., he can easily tell they were all new to DB and well the Centuari Allia just plops right down and says shes looking for friends and contacts. RA knew he better talk to them or they could find themselves in trouble very quickly.

After talking to them all he get a gist of what they all wanted, but the telepath left teh group before all of this so he could go talk to Kosh, which didn't happen and resulted in him being usherd away of the Ambassidorial Wing and back to his quarters. Now after teh group finished talking with R.A, a group of people all Asian for the most part with a few blacks and otehrs come into Happy Daze and manage to record the last bit of conversations. R.A. sees them and tells the group to leave, and he quickly ups and leaves teh group. The group start to leave and as they were almost to the lifts, they are cut off by the group that came into Happy Daze, they were in little words pushed to deliver a package for them to Mars. Without much of a choice the group delivers the package to Mars.

Now upon getting to Mars they have a run in with some Raiders and a bit of a space fight which was ended in a few shots then they land on Mars where they are met by three Asian women who boards teh ship, take the package off teh ship through a secert access in the ship. Now Chris the telepath tried to scan them, without asking permission dosn't pick up any thoughts one of the women, but he does get a very cold sensation go into his mind. But seeing as he didn't play on that much it was a bit of a lost. Then the group leaves with their pay and head to a hotel. But while waiting in a Tram station there were a few resistance members carrying a box and trying to be all sneaky when the same three women that the group ran into came into teh tram station. The three resistance fighters start firing ppg shot into the air, which scattered a lot of the people including some of the players into the tram. Though the telepath said outside along with Shaal teh Minbari Warrior Caste member. Now a few words were said and the psi corp teep used pain, (accident on my part) now the leader of the three girls went down, but the other two girls walked over to their down leader, both placed their hands on each of her shoulders and their leader seemed to regain her composure. She stood up and the commercial teep tried to pain her again but it did't work. But she did leave some parting words saying that she knew him.

After all of this the characters make it hotel where the story gets really messy and sloppy on my half which results in them getting a bit mixed up with the resitance and managing to do a lot of things and now back on B5 currently. I'm going to run them through the 2nd module of the Fiery Trail book. But as you can see not a lot of the story connects and flow right, which is why I really need help to make this a really good story and fun for my players who keep telling me they are having fun. But I want a really good story, so please help me.

Anla'Shok Lynx
A Yahoo group has been set up for just GMs.

Send a message to the originator of this topic and he can invite you to join if you are interested.

Sounds like you have it all going along nicely.

Are they part of any formal organisation? My horrid lot are the command staff on an EA warship - just give the biggers orders and off they trot.

Its great.