[GK Games] Ships of Clement Sector 15: Milligan-class Hospital Ship Now Available!

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Ships of Clement Sector 15: Milligan-class Hospital Ship is now available!

You can pick up your copy at this link!

Gypsy Knights Games is proud to present the fifteenth entry in our line of products dedicated to the starships of Clement Sector.

Designed to replace the trio of aging Centaur-class hospital ships HMHS Centaur, Polkan and Kinnara in Royal Navy service, the Milligan-class was successfully exported even before the new ship design had been accepted and entered service, eventually serving in several of the larger national navies, system navies and defense forces across both Earth and Clement Sector.

The traditional role of a hospital ship is to provide medical care in times of armed conflict for the naval squadron’s personnel and marines it is attached to. But apart from this primary role, hospital ships such as the Milligan-class have a wide variety of secondary roles, often tasked to provide emergency response support where needed. They are in reality fully equipped mobile hospitals that are able to bring medical care directly to the location most needed.

Being only armed with sandcaster turrets and a point defense node array the Milligan-class relies on her ship’s identification beacon to announce her non-combatant, humanitarian role within naval service. Society owned hospital ships use the same beacon identification protocol that the military use with appropriate differences to broadcast operator status.

Ships of Clement Sector 15: Milligan-class Hospital Ship comes complete with beautiful views of the ship. The Milligan is presented with full deckplans and statistics to make your use of our product simple, easy and fun. In addition, the ship comes with a set of adventure hooks to get your characters right into the action as well as a short story written by Bradley Warnes.

Though designed specifically with our Clement Sector setting in mind, these ships could easily be used in any science fiction setting.

Get on board! Adventure awaits!

Gypsy Knights Games

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Ships of Clement Sector 15: Milligan-class Hospital Ship is now available on Paizo as well.


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Cosmic Mongoose
Looking good!

A hospital ship should be fairly easy to work into almost any campaign, as an encounter or the focus of the story - and just as easy to build a whole campaign around.

I mean, just take your pick amongst the myriad hospital shows on tv for inspiration! There's also the added benefit that the hospital in question is also a ship, and thus can move around whenever things are slowing down or new adventures are calling - the stories practically write themselves!

Nice touch to include a chapel in the design! Never know when that might come in handy, even if the cynic in me sees it as an opportunity to earn extra money: "please insert cr. 30 and press the desired button to turn the room into a chapel of your liking for 30 minutes. Time's up, please insert another cr. 20 to keep the current configuration."

I like the idea with hospital modules for the cutters! Perfect for quickly creating field-hospitals very close to the disaster site, an ability so important and useful its value almost cannot be overstated! If space had allowed, an additional module with passenger or cargo interior could be helpful, so the cutter could drop off the hospital module and fly off - but those 30 tons needs to be taken from somewhere, and space is at a premium aboard ships!

(Of course an empty cutter can also fly off after releasing its module, but it won't be able to do much else while empty, or?)

Besides, even if the possibility to ship passengers (ship even more passengers I mean, the ship does have a transfer launch after all) would be good (such as all the patients that have been treated and need to get back to their planet) I'd think that it's rare for a Milligan to be the only ship near the current planet, and both military and civilian ships frequently carry passenger boats, so it's a non-issue really.

Something that might be more of an issue is the lack of lounge and fresher space for the patients.

Three are, of course, a few things that lessen the need for those. It can be argued that any patient that is well enough to visit a cafeteria or go to the bathroom without aid is well enough to get off the ship and make room for new patients.

There's also advances in medicine that needs to be considered.
Assuming slow drug is available in the Clement-verse a whole month of hospital time can be compressed into a single day, meaning most patients would only need to stay for a couple hours.

For those occasions when patients are staying aboard for longer periods I can see a couple of solutions, that also require some roleplaying to work optimally (which is a pretty good thing, since we are talking about a roleplaying supplement here)

If patients need to use freshers they could be allowed into the medical staff living area. As long as the berth and common room doors are kept shut they won't intrude too much. Same with the crew freshers on top deck. Not a perfect solution, with sick and wounded among the personnel living quarters, but it works - and from a roleplaying PoV it can lead to fun or challenging situations in the corridors, or drugged patients wandering off to where they don't belong.

There are a couple of ways to create lounge space for the patients too. In a long term care situation, one of the wards could easily be transformed into a cafeteria/meeting space.

There's room for a couple small tables in the processing area, and both the chapel and briefing room could be used as temporary eat & meet areas.

One option would be to open up either the crew of med staff common rooms for the patients. The downside of course being that the poor med staff really needs somewhere to rest and recharge when they're off duty.

The food itself should be no problems however, since the Milligan has several galleys onboard, and I imagine large parts of the ship crew will be turned into caretakers, janitors and general support staff while the ship is parked in 'hospital mode' so they could cook and serve the food (as well as re-arrange furniture if needed, to create seating areas)

As I said earlier, all of these solutions would open up for roleplaying, which is rather good I'd say :)

Overall I'm very pleased with the book, good job once again!