Give advise


Can you please give me some advise?

I've gotten bored of being A GM and have convinced a friend that for someone who doesn't even want their gender mentioning to do A Solo Drinax Campaign where we both have the roles the other normally has, so they're The GM not The Solo Player and I'm The Solo Player not The GM

Problem is I haven't been A Player in any none Sci-Fii RPG for almost 14 years, never been A Player in any Sci-Fii RPG other then Traveller in my life and haven't been A Traveller Player since, to be exact, The 18/12/1,997, so well over 20 years ago

Can you please give me some advise on how to be The Solo Player not The GM and some for me to give my friend on how to be The GM and not The Solo Player, Please and thank you
So you want to go through Drinax as a player, having GM'ed it for umpteen groups? Why would you want to? Unless the new GM wants to go through the work of rewriting basically the entire concept of the campaign you know too much to have any element of surprise.

Pick another adventure and play that, something you have no experience with. If the GM wants something different try Savage Worlds and download a 1 sheet adventure. They are free. Really mix it up for a few sessions. Then come back to sci fi and Traveller and play a completely different adventure. Something you have not read.