Give advise to A Rookie Player who was A GM for almost 18 years


I've gotten bored of all the hard work of being A GM and have decided to take it easy without giving up Traveller. So can you give advise on how to handle being A Rookie Player who less then 10 days was A GM and had been for almost 18 years?
Don't play a character that can simply buy a solution to a problem. Stay away from Dilettante characters with estates. If you have a long career and end up with an estate worth millions, why would you risk your life? Hire folks to do the dirty work and stay home and become immortal buying anagathics.

Stick to something simple like a former military grunt, or a naval pilot who cashes out with not a lot of money, maybe has a far trader with a mortgage. That character is way more fun to play than an uber millionaire.
Apply detachment from expectations when rolling a char... too late now.

Apply detachment from expectations in the game.