Ghost Snake's venom Effect?

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Cosmic Mongoose
Does anyone knows the effect of the venom?
I own the 1st edition rules and this feat is missing (among other things).
How can "venom effects" be a Feat?? :roll:

But enough frivolity; on Page 309 of the original Conan RPG book there's a whole page of SNAKES. The first one listed is the Ghost Snake; Attack = Bite +13 melee (1D8+9 Poison).

Simply make up some "venom effects" if you need to; use some real life poisonous reptiles as guides...Fer de Lance venom effects seem most likely if you want to really put a hurt on the PC.... 8)
In 'Beyond the Black River" the Ghost Snake is described as " its fangs bore venom that carried madness and death". Sounds like you could use the following:

Black Lotus Juice (Wine) pg. 230 - 'drinker may be made permanetly insane or even killed' -
DC 22
Intial damage - 1d10Str + 1D6Con

or even

The Grey Lotus Blossom. Goes insane and attacks the nearest living creature. That could be fun!!! 8)
In the poison section of the atlantean edition (page 226) it lists a more general poison for Great Serpents:

Great Serpent Venom: Injury DC21, initial damage: 2d6 Con, secondary damage: 1d6 Con.
Thanks to all for the reply.
If only there were errata available online, all would be much simpler for the owners of the 1st printing. :wink: