Gen Con

bolen said:
Anyone interested in running or playing a game at Gen Con Indy?

I am interested in playing, and I think a few people chimed in "yes" on an earlier version of this thread.
VincentDarlage said:
As I said in an earlier thread, I'd be happy to run a game!

Is there a time/day that you'd like to aim for?

I am curious because I'm a demo-monkey for GoO this year, and would like to make this game - hope I can work around it.
I'm interested, may be able to convince my brother as well.

This will be my first GenCon and looks to be interesting. Scheduled for a bunch of sculpting and terrain workshops, very little organized gaming.
I'm also looking forward to meeting the Mongoose staff and any forum members.
I did not read the earlier thread and so did you guys decide a time and day to meet. I will be in Indy on Saturday only.