Gauntlet Laser Question

Annatar Giftbringer said:
Condottiere said:
The angles would probably be a bit off, so aiming penalties.

Yes, that thought crossed my mind as well… additional -DM beyond the DM-2 for using two weapons, halving ranges, only allowing it within X m…? Something extra might be needed.

I actually disagree. I don't think aiming a gun in each hand would be any harder than doing a 'wrist flip' to switch between a gauntlet and a held weapon. I say this without actually doing it, but just thinking through the action.

Would the wrist flip be harder than a double-slash with a sword? I wouldn't think so.

I would just stick with the Two Attacks penalty. I would say it is impossible to use 2 gauntlets and 2 held weapons at the same time (quad attack), but you then if you stack those DM-2's it becomes statistically impossible to effectively use all four attacks anyway.