Gamemaster Screen and Other Musings



I'm the Guest who started the "Conan Available Yet?" thread. I picked up my copy today at lunch and decided to register for the board. Although I've only been able to give the game a cursory look, so far I'm very impressed, as are the people here at work that I've shown it to.

I really, REALLY likes GM screens. I like the feeling of being ensonced behind an impregnable fortress of privacy, where I can shield my notes, maps, and die rolls. I wonder if a retail GM screen will be made available, and soon. Or if not, how about a .pdf of reference charts suitable for use with products like the Masterscreen Quad?

I agree with that, and I propose you use MasterScreen for the .pdf and make it free :-D

I LOVE Masterscreen, that thing could stop a Harkanian Arrow.
I would also like to repeat my desire to see a Conan RPG GM screen, perhaps with a small booklet of ready-to use NPC templates, or a handful of useful sheets inside (character, NPC, etc.).
On, when asked about a Conan GM screen, Matthew Sprange replied:

Hi guys,

No solid plans for one yet, but if enough people ask for one. . .

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing

Anyone want one?
Items for inclusion:
Combat Modifier Summary
Weapon Summary (damage, crit, finessable?)
Spell Summary (Style, pp cost, cast time, range)
Manuever Summary
Terrain Modifiers

And a sweet, one panel exterior pic for inspiration! Something by Mark Schultz would be fantastic:
How about one with a horizontal orientation in stead of vertical? A good freind of mine complains about not being able to see over GM screens. I'm pretty tall, never been a problem for me. Just a suggestion.

And I'll second the notion for a "rogues gallery" booklet. Some standard NPC pregens could save a GM a little time.
Were I running a Conan game, I'd put a GM screen on my "strongly consider buying" list. The system is different enough from bog-standard D&D to make such a thing very welcome.
A screen would be a great idea...I would buy it without hesitation 8)


A masterscreen PDF insert sounds pretty cool as well
I want one too! And I agree with the guy who wants the horizontal screen! The new WOTC one is like that and that's a big feature!