Fuel Cell-powered yacht


Cosmic Mongoose
The rich continue to get all the best toys! Here's a new one. A 360ft yach powered by a fuel cell that uses liquid hydrogen for it's primary fuel source. It's got a range of about 3,700 nautical miles at 17 knots. It includes a helipad, two 36-ft boats and space for the obligatory jet ski's An interesting statistic for others who design yachts for the Traveller wealthy is the crew to passenger ratio. Crew is listed as 31, and passengers as 14. That's greater than a 2-1 margin, and I would assume that the uber wealthy would eschew automated systems (e.g. luxuries) and instead prefer servants that were flesh and not metal. Why? Because the rich typically like to showcase and use their wealth in such a manner. The average person cannot afford that level of professional help, let alone the vessel.

For Traveller I would suspect the yacht to have Jump-3 and 3 G capabilities (which is sufficient to get most places at a reasonable speed, plus the 3G would allow you to poke around a system at a reasonable speed as well). The two 36ft boats could be a pair of 20 ton launches, and the jet ski's could be an air/raft. or some grav bikes. I would suspect the crew of 31 would be balanced somewhat evenly, with half the crew operating the ship and the other half being relegated to taking care of the passenger's needs. At 31 people, a reasonable breakdown would be - Captain x 1, Pilot/Navigator x 2, Engineers x 3, Stewards x 8, Cooks x 4, Servers/instructors/maids/etc x 13. That seems reasonable as the pilots can also be tasked with the launch piloting, stewards are responsible for the guests quarters (assuming double occupancy of suites, definitely not staterooms), a head steward, and the servers/maids/etc would do the many other things required to take care of very rich people's needs. I could see the crew side being reduced somewhat for a corporate yacht, adding more automation and bots for some tasks. But the corporate titans love to be pampered as well.

How would others see the crewing working out?


Old School

You need another pilot if you have two small craft. Odd that you consider Stewards as taking care of the ship. I thought their role was to take care of passengers.