[Freelance Traveller] July/August 2022 Issue is Posted!


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The July/August 2022 issue of Freelance Traveller has been posted for download!

(We apologize for the late posting; see "From the Editor".)

This issue's featured article is Google's and Jeff Zeitlin's joint translation of Gaizka Márquez's "Driver: A Career for Traveller" from Vuelo Raso N. 4.

Benedikt Schwarz's "Finding Your Way Around the Starport" returns this issue, with a look at Tourist Services.

Joseph Jaquinta has two articles in this issue, both reprinted from Cepheus Journal #007: "Behind the Iris Valve", a look at doors and door-like things, and "Lagrange Rendezvous", discussing Lagrange Points and their uses.

The rest of this issue is the usual eclectic mix of reviews, rules, adventures, background information, and so on, hopefully for your reading (and eventual using) pleasure.

Download it now at the usual place:

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