[Freelance Traveller] January/February 2024 Posted for Download!


Cosmic Mongoose
The January/February 2024 issue of Freelance Traveller has been posted for download!

This issue's featured article is W.N.Vossbrink's Pan-Galactic Empires: Defining the Broad Strokes of the Setting. This article sets out a way to map an entire galaxy, the locations of species inhabiting it, and the broad outline of relationships between them.

The rest of the issue is the usual eclectic mix of adventures, stories, rules, "scholarly" articles, reviews, and so on, for your enjoyment and adoption for your own play.

While this issue's cover is neither the first to show an astronomical "background" nor the first to be generated by an AI picture generator, it does appear to be the first that's both. While someone with real astronomical knowledge says that there are some giveaways, it does seem to be an acceptable 'false color' image taken by a deep-space telescope. Maybe it's a view of the Starfish Nebula as seen by the Eneri Dushmakkari Deep Space Telescope in the outer reaches of the Regina system?...

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