Free skill ranks????



At the bottom of Table 4-3: Skills by Class the notation "C" for class skills is followed by the statement:

"you gain 2 ranks in this skill at 1st level, then 1/2 a rank in this skill each level thereafter, always before spending any of your own skill points."

What's up with that? It sounds too good to be true, especially for Thieves and Scholars who have many class skills.
That is a left-over from early stages of playtesting. Ignore it. Although you could use that method of skill generation if you are playing a game with one Player and one GM to make the character more self sufficient.
Wow I missed that completely.

So a character gets 2 ranks in what ever racial skill and 2 ranks in EVERY class skill (+1/2 rank in every class skill per lvl after 1st lvl)

In addition a character can spend his skill point like this:

His base (non intel mod skill points) are spent "normaly" ie one point per rank in class skills and 2 points per rank for cross class skills.

His Intel mod skill points can be spent on ANY skill at a rate for one point for one rank.

Max ranks is still lvl +3 for class skills and 1/2 that for cross class skills.

At least thats how it seems to me.