Free Scenario is online

Right on time!

Mongoose men: I LOVE YOU!!!!! :D

Er... in fact, let's say that I really appreciate your professionalism and your dedication to LW! 8) :wink:
Skimmed over it, and looks great. I like the new artifact, and the fact that it has 20 levels, and gets new powers every level, though have to read more to fullly grasp the concept. Haven't looked at the new prc yet, but will give it a glance; I wonder though why the new spells for the brother of the star were left out. Perhaps they willl be included in dawn of d?
There's nothing new about the player class, it's just the order of the Star which can be attained by choosing the Agent advanced class, or if you don't got MoM gaining some levels in BoCS.
I think it's a great adventure, but it might be a little too tough for 1rst level PCs, unless there were maybe 6 of them.

Anyways, I enjoyed it and hopefully I'll get a chance to GM it soon!

Thank you very much Mongoose and August for letting us have such a great product at such a great price. I was really impressed with the layout and presentation, and I would not have minded paying $15 for it. Cheers! :D
I agree, it was a nice adventure; August worked very hard on it, and I especially like the way all classes were included, even ones from magic of magnamund. I also liked how the sage sterotype was broken; after all, not all sages are from lyris. :) I also appreciated the information regarding the brotherhoods hierarchy and relative power level of its stronger members, as well as the fact that it shows how rare spellcasters are on magnamund.

For instance, aradyian is basicaly the second in command of the guild in toran, which is basically the most powerful brotherhood stronghold on magnamund. And yet, he is 15th level. I guess this means there are no more than 2-3 brotherhood grandmasters living at a time on magnamund. :)