Free Companies Unit questions


After reading the Free Companies book, I had a few questions:

1. Page 11: Free Companies 'Order of Battle' lists a squad as 5 soldiers; each 10 units lead by a sergeant; and 20 squads forming a unit, lead by a captain.

should it read "each 10 squads lead by a sergeant"?

2. While most of the mercenary companies listed show how many men per unit (100 men per unit for the Free Companies; 200 men per unit for the Assuri; 400 men per unit for the Nemedian Adventurerers, etc), no fixed number of men are given for the national forces in 'Traditions of Force'.

Based on the information given in the Aquilonia and Nemedia sections, can it be surmised that most Hyborian knights are 50 to a unit (with Nemedia being the exception at 200 per unit)?

What is the number of men per unit for the various men-at-arms, archer, pirate, and cavalry units listed?

If it is listed in the book, what page is it on. If it is not listed, can someone from Mongoose give a difinitive answer?
In modern battle order, a sergeant usually leads a squad. 100 soldiers is equivalent to a modern company, which would be led by an officer, usually a captain.

If you are asking which REH story it is described in, then your answer would be none. I know not of pastiche which offers more detail.
Orkin said:
In modern battle order, a sergeant usually leads a squad.

To nit-pick, this is true of the US Army, but not the US Marine Corps or Commonwealth (British, Canadian, Australian etc...) forces. I'm not sure wrt non-English-speaking militaries.
Well, in Poland we have those polar bear riders with bazookas, but they have units of 25. :p

PS. Sorry, too tempting ;)