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Hi guys,

Just a quick announcement.

Ordinarily, we run pretty free forums, with anyone allowed to say anything they like, so long as they are not rude to others. There is no company line to tow and so long as people do not cross the line, they can say what they like about us too.

However, the tone of the RuneQuest forums has run downhill slightly over the past few weeks and so we must consider banning or scrubbing some topics where people just cannnot contain themselves. We define this as being rude to not just other players but to the people at Mongoose too. At the end of the day, we must maintain the integrity and good name of RuneQuest, and this runs into difficulty if we allow less than civilised behaviour to continue.

In short, you are still free to raise any points you deem worthwhile. We are just asking you to consider others while you do it. Failure to do so will likely result in the entire thread being deleted.

Now, back to RuneQuest!
homerjsinnott said:
So in short, if you are very critical of the system we will kill the post/thread dead?

I suppose it is you forum after all.

I notice that the 'Forget It' post was deleted.

Matt - I understand the reasoning behind it, but I wish you would have taken the time spent deleting threads and posting this topic to instead address (or even spell out in layman's terms for those of us who might need the extra hand holding) the Mongoose take on the Parry/Dodge tables - Letting us know what the planned fix is for the impossible to obtain results - and possibly a preview of what is coming in Legendary Heroes to allow people who find the wonkiness of the halving mechanic an optional rule for Opposed skill rolls over 100%.

I know you guys are busy, but some kind of 'official' answer would go a long way to helping those of us who really want to like this system make a good argument for it against it's detractors. Is that too much to ask ?
Just re-iterating what I said in another related thread.

Rurik said:
O.K. - I remember that thread. Don Allen after running his first game. I was the first reply (that is how I remember it) and hadn't read it since. It is indeed gone now.

I have seen on many boards where a moderator steps in and edits out offensive posts - leaves the post but says "removed by moderator", or Locks the thread altogether.

I prefer those methods to just deleting threads. It seems a shame to have potentially constructive posts removed because of a couple of a-hole... err, I mean, civility challenged individuals.

It also breeds conspiracy theories.
Melkor said:
the Parry/Dodge tables - Letting us know what the planned fix is for the impossible to obtain results

This is a hook - something for us to come back to at a later date with specific rules married to a combat-based supplement.
I would like to say thank you Matthew.

It seems that every post I make gets someone ready to fight, and I have re-read them... they are not usually worth the ire they seem to engender. I was on the brink of giving up on the forums due to the hostility. I will wait, and hope for more civil times.

I felt that the thread that was removed was not rude, rather had an exsarperated tone, I may be misremembering but I have nothing to check with [TONE: this is not meant to be critical but honest].

I personally have felt that the boards have been civil in the last couple of weeks, more so than the previous week. Having looked at several other Mongoose threads they seem to be much more in homage to mongoose and of a tone "please bring out this next or isn't starship troopers the best film ever?", where as this forum has been less enthusiastic perhaps, and more direct.
I'm sorry if I'm hurting anyones feelings and I'm very glad that the have resurrected RQ but I'm not sure if it is Frankensteins Monster or Lazerus. I do want it to succeed, if only in my own interest for the Gloranthan source material.
On the boards I freqent the most people aren't reluctant to be critical of the product or of the company as a whole, rudeness towards individuals is not tolerated (and I was not being critical of you msprange and I hope you didn't feel that, which I think you may).
I have said on another thread how I hope warnings are given rather than threads deleted without notice and I am sure this will be true.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Yours, Homer.
This is a hook - something for us to come back to at a later date with specific rules married to a combat-based supplement.

Well, that means the tables will be addressed in the stated supplement. Also, the "Halving" rule is also due to be addressed in the Legendary Heroes book. All in all I'd say life is good.

I know it's tough Matt, but perhaps you guys could have avoided some of the fighting with this info earlier.

THAT BEING SAID, I still want to thank Matt for keeping us up to date on things and trying to address the concerns. It is far more than I have come to expect from most companys in this hobby. Mongoose is a CLASS ACT in my book.