[For OGL Ancients] A Gazetteer of Mythic Greece


I put this together today for fun... I hope it will be of use for people who want to play OGL Ancients in the mythic period, in Greece in particular.

I realized just now that there are some entries missing and Pylos is incomplete, but I'm planning to continue to work on this and will post notices in this thread when I've updated it, if people are interested.

The Gazetteer includes a map covering the Greek mainland and Asia Minor as far east as Lycia, with locations of note marked on the map, and an alphabetical listing of those places with a little bit about their importance is in Greek mythology. It's a PDF file, 275k in size, and you can download it at...


I'm thinking about maybe doing a "zoom" map of the Peloponnese with more detail, as there simply isn't enough room to mark down everything. I'm not sure what I'll do about the fact that the source map doesn't mark the two important rivers there. Also, I might do a map indicating just the general geographic regions (Arcadia, Elis, Achaea, Phocis...)
Thanks man! This looks great! Keep us updated with improvements and any changes or additional maps!

- Stratos
:D That is great!!! Do you have the font used on the map? I'm making handouts for my group. Nice Job!
Thanks guys! I finally started reading my copy of Robert Graves' Greek Myths since I started working on the Gazetteer, and discovered some things I never knew. Like there was at one point a war between Orchomenos and Thebes, which Orchemenos won, and then imposed a yearly tribute on Thebes. Eventually Hercules put an end to that when he was young, leading the youths of Thebes in battle against Orchomenos.

The way I see these more obscure myths (or the famous ones too), you could change the details or make them unresolved and voila, adventure. The PCs could be the one to try to end the tribute and beat Orchemenos in a second fight, or they could be involved in the original war, etc.

I've updated the file since I originally posted, but I'm in the middle of a larger update so you may want to wait till then. I've made a page with update information at:


I do have the font that I used on the maps, yes. (I was looking for AGES for something like it.) It's free, it's called Pythia, and you can get it at:


The Gazetteer is fantastic. You have some minor mistakes at some descriptions but they are OK. It is a great job. Are you Greek?

I am from Greece. I was born in Santorini (you know, with the Volcano) and now i live in Thessaloniki.

Thanks! :)

If I have any mistakes please point them out because correctness is important to me.

I am from Canada and I have been fascinated with ancient Greece since I first started reading about the Greek myths as a kid. I had close to a minor in classical studies in university (courses in Greek, Greek & Roman history, mythology, science and technology).

I've been to Greece once where I volunteered in an archaeological survey near Pylos. I got to visit a number of places in the Peloponnese and Crete but unfortunately didn't make it to Santorini. I did get to see the fantastic frescos from Santorini in the Archaeology Museum in Athens. :)
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I've just uploaded a new version ("1.2") of the Gazetteer to my website.


has the details.