pics and maps of ancient greece?


I'm looking for pictures and maps of ancient greek settlements to use as handouts and inspiration in games like OGL Ancients. I've been able to find some through internet searches but if anyone has good sources of pictures, web sites, books, computer games, anything, I'd really like to check them out. There's some stuff that's easy to find (temples), but there are some things that are proving to be a real challenge (town gates).

Also, does anyone know of any other rpgs set in a historic/mythic/fantasy version of ancient greece and/or egypt and/or the celtic lands?
Mythic Greece (Supplement for Fantasy Hero & Rolemaster) OOP
Mazes and Minotaurs (Free RPG)

There is a little bit in one of the AD&D 2E splatbooks (DMGR series). (not much, a couple pages.)

ISTR Yaquinto had Man, Myth, and Magic covering the timeframe.

Testament also hits the timeframe, but I know even less about it.
GURPS Greece, like all of the GURPS sourcebooks, is an excellent book whatever system you play with a lot of useful information. They also do books on Egypt and the Celts that I would recommend equally strongly.
The comic 2000AD had a Celtic hero called Slaine who adventured in a dark and gritty but otherwise quite high fantasy Celtic prehistory. You can buy the collected editions and they are great fun. Not a lot of use for a historical RPG but great fun. Mongoose themselves do an RPG based on it with D20 and Runequest versions though the D20 one might be out of print.
Otherwise be wary of anything labelled Celtic as the term has been greatly overused and abused.
An excellent non-fiction work is Life and Death of a Druid Prince about the investigation of an English bog body.
Pendragon has an Irish supplement that is a razee version of an unpublished and nearly mythical version Celtic Ireland RPG. If you can find a copy it is quite interesting.
I ran a scenario myself using the Call of Cthulhu system with some imports from Runequest III set in ancient Egypt so with a bit of research it is fairly easy to poodlefake a game.

I think the information you need lies more in the field of history, archaeology or architecture. Generally the Osprey books are very good for uniform details but their more recent Fortress series has some that cover classical and pre-classical Greece that might be of interest to you.
Specifically the following Fortress titles might be of interest:
Mycenaean Citadels
Ancient Greek Fortifications
I missed the Celtic & Egypt questions.

Palladium Games has an egyptian RPG up for free download as PDF's. Can't attest to it being accurate, but it is a decently lain out book and reads well.

As to Celtic: 5th-6th century AD stuff is covered quite nicely by Greg Stafford's excellent Pendragon RPG. As is same period Saxons.
There is an excellent and funny RPG called Hercules & Xena (from West End Games). One of the 2 books includes maps and a good gazetteer of all the geographical area.