First Blush comments

Jak Nazryth

This is a general write up on several issues. I have not got to play test anything yet, but these are simply questions, comments, and suggestions to what I've read so far.

Please Provide complete list of traits alien races in one place. Or will alien races select from the same set of traits in the animals section?

Time frame Tabel
Previously you added or subtracted a +1 or -1 for each time frame adjustment, with a maximum of 2 shifts. There were also only 8 time frames. The Beta adds 1 more time frame (adding 1d6 combat rounds) but only limits a player (or GM) to a single shift up or down. I would reconsider allowing up to 2 shifts with a max of 2 bane or boon dice. Time shift would be the only way to get more than one boon or bane dice. If you still want to limit a single boon or bane dice, then perhaps the second shift can be boon+1 or bane-1

Task Chain
It's a minor issue, and even though it is implied in the example of Erik and Kathya on page 60 using different tasks, I would state SPECIFICALLY in the rule that a task chain also includes aiding anther character on a single task. It would clarify things if you added a simply restated the first sentence under Task chains... "Often, Travller will find themselves performing a series of interlinked tasks, working as a group on interlinked but different skills, or aiding another on a single skill." It's a minor issue, but the it is a slightly different meaning for interlinked tasks like "stealth and electronics" with "I'm helping you land the ship". To clarify the rules, can one player aid another with a single task... "I'm also trained in sensors, so my role gives you a +1 to sensors" or "I'm not a bad pilot myself... my role gives you a +1 to piloting... going to need my help to navigate this asteroid field!" The issue I would like clarified, is interlinked but different skill checks vs. the aiding another on a single skill check.

the table on page 59 gives the flavor or simply the "descriptive effects" of success or failure, but zero information about how "effect" modifies the game mechanics. For the most part it's flavor provided by the GM. Both in the Core and Beta, damage is described as "damage of the weapon + effect". When I first started using Mongoose, I kept going back to the effect table. Please add a note under the paragraph describing "Effect" on page 59 of the Beta as "Effect to damage-every point above the target number gets added to damage from a weapon" or something similar. It confused me for the longest time when I was first GM'ing.... "You hit him with your Gauss Rifle in spectacular form... now roll 4d6" As seasoned Traveller gamers, most of us know what "effect" means when it comes to combat. But since "effect" is described on the table, and not "add to damage" it can be very confusing to people trying Traveller for the first time.

Open Vehicles
IMO an "open" vehicle is more specifically classified as an "open top" vehicle. Unless you are on a flat skid, or on the back of a flatbed truck, grav bike, etc..., most "open" vehicles still have side walls, doors, etc.. like the Air/raft, or a convertible sports car. I would give passengers partial cover of -1 or (or -2 if the player "dodges"... "I'm getting as low as I can in the car to take cover behind the door".... if the target is missed by 1 or 2 because of the "door" then simply apply a bonus to the targets armor based on the "cover" table on page 74 of the beta rules. An air/raft would grant 10 points of armor if the attacker misses by 1, because he gets a chance to blow through the door. Of course if players in an air/raft are getting shot at from above, then they get no cover at all. Perhaps "partial cover" can be a vehicle trait?