First adventure tonight


I'm running my first game of Conan tonight, using the "Black Stones" adventure. Wish me luck, and post any advice. I'm a long-time Deadlands GM, but this will be my first time running a d20 game.
Best of luck !!!

The only advice I can think of is no matter what the rules say, be prepared to bend them for the sake of fun ! Also this is Conan, so be very graphic and discriptive about the combat. Oh, and use the word "Thews" allot, I know my characters like that. :lol:

Well, I had a player get called to work, so I ran the adventure with two characters; an Aquilonian soldier and an Argossean pirate. I moved the adventure to Nemedia, and kept it close to the river. Couple of other changes: I didn't throw the mountain lion at them, and kept the encounters with the guards toa minimum. As it was, the soldier was seriously injured by Iovinicus, and the pirate was nearly kille by one of the blooded stones. All in all, good fun was has by hall. Bogdan parted ways with them, and headed for Brythunia with Julianna. The character (Adambo and Kanado) are planning to steal a small ship (along with Kalanthes, a NPC), and do some minor raiding up and down the coast.

I was really impressed with how well the rules model the stories.