Finally: Traveller Trading Tool


We are more than happy to present you our traveller trading tool.
Took us quite a while to complete it as its a lot more complex than what one might think.

It handles the whole process of buying and selling speculative goods, freights,
passengers and mail transports.
It gives you a list of what you boarded when and where and what you unboarded when and where and what you earned.

Its optimised to work well on tablets and smartphones. Its fully responsive.
So the broker player can use his tablet to buy the stuff easily while seated on the playing table.

What we cannot do yet is:
Handle your own created planets. We just use all the planets that are in the travellermap.
We do not support brokers one can hire at spaceports. For now we assume the crew has
its own broker on board.
Both could be implemented in the future.

We are entering public beta now. So if you want to try the tool, please write me.
I will set up an account for you to try around.
What we expect of beta testers is feedback and suggestions.

We are big fans of traveller ourselves and play it a lot. We will try to implement all good suggested features
other players could profit from as well.

What I need from you if you write me is your preferred username. Please write it to me as a private message only!
And please tell me what type of campaign you are playing, with how many players.
And please let me know why you qualify to be a beta tester ;)

The adress of our tool is:

Here are some screenshots if you are logged in:









I had a look at the new version of traveller (5) and saw that the trading system is still the same (hopefully).
So I hope our system works for all versions of the game.

Well, the 400% selling price the original had is not used. This would unbalance the game too much imho. Its capped at 160%.
Thanks to the test users that sent me bug reports.
We fixed all known bugs today.

Please continue your tests. We will get there :)
The percentage is always capped somewhere. 400% in the 1.0 rules and 160% in the 2.0 rules.
We will implement a switch for 1.0 and 2.0 rules.
Are you really playing with the 400% table? We found that one a bit problematic as the players get rich far too fast.

The prices for freight und passenger transport also vary.
I will make every player able to choose what tables he wants (passenger prices, transport prices and speculative goods percentages). As I for one want a mixture of the different rules.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Good news everyone :)

We implemented switches for the different rulesets.
To make full use of them there is also a new field in the prefences section for the spaceship thats called "Beds per Cabin" as the new rules have one more passenger type
where more than one guest sleeps per room.

Freight Prices and Speculative Goods percentanges are already working for the different rulesets.
The new passenger mode is not yet functional. It will be implemented in the next days.

Here is a screesnhot of the changes:

The tool has reached version 1.0.
Thanks again to the people that wrote us and helped us improve it.

We will start working on new features now.
I will keep you posted on new features here.
1.) Is there a reset function somewhere? Really need this.

2.) The tool does not seem to be showing the 1D random cargoes available.

3.) Should have initial funds available entry.

4.) Should have, and be limited by, operating funds.

5.) If I leave a page (browser closes, computer shuts down etc) the data is lost but the location is kept and the date keeps advancing.

6.) It would be nice if the initial page was a summary of cargo in the hold, any passengers on board, current funds available.

7.) It would be good to be able to add or subtract to credits available to account for expenditures and adventuring income.
1. For now you can only delete all things you bought/boarded and sold/unboarded in the cargo list.
What you cannot delete is the saved lists which are generated to make sure prices won't change for one week.
A delete function for that will be programmed, but it has to be well done, because bought goods depend on that table, so I would have to delete them with it. And this is dangerous to the data and integrity.

2. Right. We do not yet generate the 1d6 random wares. But I think there are always enough wares available? We will implement that as optional (I guess) in the future.

3. We decided against funds management in the tool. Users have to take care of how much money they have and can spend themselves. We e.g. use a google spreadsheet for this. For the ship and for every character.
It would be a lot of work for us to manage the whole money issue. You have to pay for your ship, your crew, repairs and everything else. So we concentrate on the trading (available goods, passengers, freight and mail) only.
This could of course be implemented in the future as well.

4. See 3.

5. The date depends on the highest date in the database. Saved tables count as well. When you ask a trader for prices this will take time. And this time is spent. You cannot go back in time to ask again.

6. I agree. This will be implemented.

7. See 3.
Adding 1D6 random goods has been implemented.
There is a new switch to turn it on/off in the settings.

Starting page displays cargo hold now if it contains something.
1. Passenger listing is not showing potential revenue on the buying page

2. I was at Aramis traveling to Natoko. I deleted trades, and set starting point as Rhylanor to Porozlo. When I went to the buying page I had basic (common) goods available twice each. After buying both sets I went to the cargo page, and saw that half the basic items were listed as from Aramis and the other hald were from Rhylanor. Only the first speculative trade good showed as going to Porozlo, the rest just showed -

3.) On the selling page, when selling I have repeatedly received the Firefox error :To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier." Resending the data then shows the selling page again but with nothing loaded.

4. On the buying screen I am able to load 4 high passengers, 4 middle passengers and 15 basic passengers, into 4 staterooms with 4 beds each. Aside from overcrowding, note that I was limited to 15 basic when it should have been 16.
1. Its should show the potential income per class (high, medium, low). You mean a sum line is missing?
2. We found and fixed this bug. Was caused by the changes we made on friday (Adding 1W6 random goods).
3. We will check that.
4. We will check that.