Favoured/Prohibited Races for Temptress

Dark Falcon


I looking to create a Temptress Character for my current campaign but was trying to find out what are the Favoured/Prohibited Races for Temptress?

So if anybody could point in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.
Well, I do not know if you have Hyboria's Fallen, but will reply under the assumption that you do own it.

The second chapter of that book The Fallen of the Land: Cultures of the Fallen (beginning on page 8) outlines the three classes appearing in this book for each kingdom/region. Aquilonia, Argos, Border Kingdom, (Cimmerian, though not as much as other kingdoms, still listed), Corinthia, Ghulistan (Himelian hillmen), Hyperborea, Hyrkania/Turan, Iranistan, Khitai, Koth, the Black Kingdoms, Nemedia, Nordheim, Ophir, the Picts, Shem, Stygia, Vendhya, Zamora, Zingara; all of these lands have the Temptress as a favored class. Clearly, by implication the Khauran also has NPC temptresses.

Each region in Hyboria's Fallen has notes on how to modify a Temptress based on background (i.e., a Shield maiden is most likely in Nordheim, whereas other regions have several choices (nymph, manhunter, manipulator, gypsy performer, siren, vamp, etc.)). I or someone else could respond with more specifics based on what character race/concept you have. But unlike pirates, there are no restriced races for Temptress based on having opened my book a couple minutes ago to look up this info.

Hope this helps. 8)
I'd imagine it's the oldest profession in Hyboria too. All races favor the temptress maybe???
Also, if on the off chance you do not own the book like me, you can find the entire Temptress class posted as a free pdf preview download at drivethrurpg.com.


Granted it does have an annoying watermark across all the pages, but at least it lets you use the class! It also mentions in the description that its a favoured class for females of any "civilized" race, but males don't get it as a favoured class no matter what their race.
It is a favoured class for females of any civilised race. Although males can take the class, it is almost never a favoured class for them (known as Tempters), even if they are Hyborian. An exception would be a male from Amazon; this class is favoured to them.