Favored Terrain


Hrm... so no one knows what +6 Favored Terrain does? It is the 20th level ability of Borderers and Nomads. The text only describes these abilities up to +5...

It gives a +6 circumstance bonus to all Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot and Survival Checks

It gives a +6 Dodge bonus to Dodge Defence.

+20 circumstance bonus to movement for the terrain.

May use the Hide skill even if the terrain would not usually grant cover or concealment. Can also use the Hide skill even if he is observed.

It is explained in the book fairly clearly. There are no additional abilities for a +6 beyond what was gained at +5 and the obvious increases to the the skills and the dodge bonus.


Nice. That is what I was thinking, however, the text doesn't make that completely clear. It says, "At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, the X's favoured terrain bonus for his first favored terrain increases by +1."

Then it goes on to say what benefits you get for +2, +3 etc., and those are described as further special abilities. It doesn't actually say that the inital bonus to the skills and DV increase by +1, as well. But that does make sense, and is how I would have ruled anyway.

Thanks, man! :)