Fan sites for Judge Dredd.


Since I saw the other post for Slaine, I figured we should get a post going to list any Dredd sites we know of. Here are a couple that I like to visit:

- The Official 2000AD website has a wealth of information and images. It has recently had a complete redesign and looks good. The forums are very active, but a nightmare to keep up with.

- 2000AD Review does an amazing job of reviewing every weekly issue of 2000AD and the monthly Megazine. The forum is pretty active and a great place to get the latest info.

- Dredd Times is a great review site with some neat minis painting tips, and much more. The site is maintained by none other than Marc Farrimond. The forum is fairly quiet, but worth stopping by.

- Drokk City is a free gaming system based on Judge Dredd. It focuses more on the story telling than rpg mechanics, and is written by John Caliber. John terms it a Virtual Theatre game instead of an rpg.

- The 2000AD Links Project is a great site to help find other Dredd sites. Last time I checked, it seemed a little out of date (dead links and not listing newer sites) but is still well worth checking out.

- The Justice Department is my own site dedicated to bringing the law of Mega-City One to City of Heroes (a massively multiplayer online rpg).

- The Wikepedia (free encyclopedia) has an interesting page giving information about Dredd, the game, the characters, etc.

Sorry if I missed any, but these are the ones I have found to be most useful. Do you have any other sites you recommend?

Thanks a lot Arabin!

I'm just discovering this awesome setting and your links are a great help to a newbie like me. :)

I'm glad I can help.

A great book to check out if you want lots of short stories about Dredd is the old, out of print Judge Dredd Mega Collection. I recently picked one up on ebay and I love it.

I just did a quick search and found a current auction in the UK for a copy if you are interested:

The shipping would be quite expensive, so it might be best to wait for one in the US, but it's a great read.

Thanks, I'll be sure to try it, if I can find it that is.

The only judge dredd I've got so far is the one with Batman, which I found was pretty good. It gave me the kick to find more...
Pretty well, Arabin. I recently received, mostly from eBay :

- The Pit
- The Day the Law Died
- Babes in Arms
- Judgement on Gotham
- Democracy Now!

Still waiting for :
- Fetish
- The A-Z of Judge Dredd by Mike Butcher
- The Apocalypse War
- The Judge Child Quest

I followed your suggestions and those of Mark "Dredd Times" and needless to say, I'm very happy so far!
The Apocalypse War
The Judge Child Quest

Are great, probably my 2 most favourite stories, followed

City of the Damned
and the one with the werewolves