Looking for a Judge Dredd Traveler book


I am looking for a copy of Heroes & Villains of Mega-City One does anyone know where i can find one? Also does anyone know where i can find a checklist of all the books that were released for the Judge Dredd Traveler game?


Banded Mongoose
MGP10000 Judge Dredd
MGP10001 Bad Moon Rising
MGP10004 Democracy Falls
MGP10005 Judges' Handbook
MGP10006 The Cursed Earth
MGP10100 Mega-City One Archives Volume 1 - The Justice Department
MGP10101 Mega-City One Archives Volume 2 - Lawbringer
MGP10102 Mega-City One Archives Volume 3 - Lawbreaker

I don't thhink the Archives ever made it to any form of product. They were listed as Coming soon at one point.
Mongoose had a Judges Companion:2 released, but only as a pdf. It contained more Judge career variations, equipment, vehicles and NPCs.