Equipment list


Where can I find a complete equimpent list ?

Pregenerated trobleshooters have equipment not int the book.

I wonder how the cost and clearance was evaluated
There is no equipment list as such, other than the one at the end of the PARANOIA XP player section and a second in the "Mister Bubbles" mission.

The pregenerated Troubleshooter characters in the PARANOIA rulebook have extra stuff the designer made up on the spot, a longtime PARANOIA tradition. I'm sure "Mister Bubbles" writer Dan Curtis Johnson evaluated the items' cost and clearance in the time-honored way of Famous PARANOIA Game Designers -- he pulled the figures, smoothly and with elan, out of his left ear. I approved heartily.

The forthcoming mission collection "Crash Priority" features three sets of "six-shooters," groups of six ready-to-go pregenerated Troubleshooter PCs with inbuilt reasons to distrust and despise one another, designed to be dropped into any mission. These characters, too, have plenty of new and invented equipment we cheesily made up on the spot, with only brief thought about cost and clearance. We also have an equipment book in the works that pushes the level of slipshoddiness to altogether new depths.

We're not exactly proud of all this, but it is, after all, the PARANOIA way.