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Greg Smith

I got my book today and it looks great. I haven't had time to read it all yet, but I'm looking forward to finding out more about EA ground forces, the senate and the other colony worlds. It's really nice to see clear illustrations of most of the ships. The prestige classes look cool, especially the Psi experiment and the Black Fist (is this original or did it appera in the show?).

I would have liked to see more information on corporations, especially IPX. But you can't have everything. And what happened to the 'Blip' rogue telepath class?

Agent One said:
In the EA Fact Book (at least, as it was when I submitted the manuscript to Mongoose...they may have changed it for all I know), blip is not a prestige class, but a separate class from telepath. You CAN multiclass into blip, but you cannot be a multiclass blip/telepath

It would have been a really useful basic class IMHO.
I have to say I think this book is much better done than the core book. Good job guys.

It has ALOT of history in it which is great and I don't dissaprove of the nationality feats (I don't see the Minbari complaining about their species traits in the core book :lol: ). The only mistake I see was where it refers to the President of the Earth Alliance as being a "he" rather than a "she" at the time of the Battle of the Line, and I felt that the battle should have been better covered in the book.

There is awesome information it it about the ships used by the EarthForces Navy, although the stats still seem odd. The write ups on them are great though.

I think the layout is better too, and the pictures appear to be of a better quality than I was thinking it would have.

All in all I give it a solid B. Again, I am happy with the book and thanks to you Mongoose folks that brought it to us :)


I called my local RPG store and they still haven't heard of it...

I am starting to think you guys are making it up...

I mean, it is not a real book till you can buy it at :D

Is there any way to get some more previews for those of us still out in the cold? :cry:


Hi, I was wondering what kind of factual detail these books go into. With the EA is it mentioned how big their territory is, how many colonies they have, their population numbers, biggest colony, pop. growth, number of bases, fleet size... things like that which weren't really refered to in the show. For example, does it say how many teeps are under the EA? Or perhaps new insights into EA technology? Such as their AI systems, we get a fairly impressive glimpse of an AI who annoys the crew and some details in the psi-corp trilogy but little in-depth information.

I have been thinking of getting at least one of these books but no idea where I'd find them in England, haven't seen them around at least. So any hints in that regard would be appreciated.

Greg Smith

It does include details of many major nations on Earth and several colonies. No info on population on Earth, but pop. for the colonies is given. A little info on bases.

There is more info on Psi corps but no quantifiable numbers.

Also: ships of EF, civilian ships, history, equipment, prestige classes, Grpos and tanks.

To get it in England try Dibbler Games, (who are very cheap but I'm not sure about his postage prices)



Out of curiosity , What eqipement items (veapons , vehiclies and the like)are in the book?
I'm asking this because I am currently adapting most eqipement items fron the old RPG (mainly those located in the EarthForce sourcebook) to the new game .


I finally managed to track down a copy today :D .

I'm glad it has the prestige classes and history, but the parts that really drew me in were the detailed information on the coliny worlds and the ships. I have to say that this is the best expansion book to date and I am very much looking forward to the Minbarri sourcebook.

Thanks again Mongoose!


It's a Shadow plot!

Waited months for it to be published..
Then news it was here
Ordered it from my favourite online store (no local one within 50 miles) on Wednesday with First Class delivery charge!

And now.....POSTAL STRIKE !!!

Still don't have the book....I'm now told it has been lost in the post! :shock:

Any one know how to contact the Narn assassins guild? I think I might have some work for them! :twisted:



Any one know how to contact the Narn assassins guild? I think I might have some work for them!
Easy - just go to narn and ask around - sooner or later they'll find you.
Of course, since we haven't discovered interstallar travel yet, and the Centaurti aren't due for another 150 years of so you may want to investigate other options... :p :wink: :lol:


so you may want to investigate other options...

Thanks for the "advice" :wink:

I happy to say even the threat of calling the Narns did the trick and the book turned up this morning!! :D :D :D

It looks great and definitely the best yet! Congrats to Agent 1 and all the Mongoose team :lol:

Now all I've got to do is find the time to sit down and enjoy it! :roll: