EA Campaign Fleet, Thoughts?

Hey All,

Since I've read over the Armageddon book, I've decided to swap my campaign fleet around quite a bit. I'm playing the Crusade Era, and my two main opponents are Narn and ISA.

I'm wondering if the following looks all right (we're doing 12 BP rather than 10).

2 x Omega
2 x Marathon
1 x Apollo
1 x Delphi
1 x Hyperion
6 x Chronos
3 x Hyperion Assault
6 x Hermes (initiative sinks)
3 x T-Bolt Wing
2 x Starfury Wing
1 x Breeching Pod Wing

Lots of Auxillary Craft (a full BP's worth), which are mostly useless against Narn. However with the new fighter rules, I think they'll be more deadly to ISA than ever.

ISA fighters are superior to yours. Don't expect to take them in dogfights unless you outnumber them heavily.

Otherwise, fleet looks ok for Crusade era. Stick it to the Narn and ISA for me... :wink: