EA Box Question


In the EA Box are listed

2 Artemis heavy frigate
2 Tethys cutters
48 Starfury fighters

but i can`t find the Thetys, but i find Thunderbolts, so is it possibile it means 12 Thunderbolts ?????

You can find a Tethys photo on the Aog Website - you can even order it and all the B5 minis for 1/2 price now!

The Aog website looks dead but the order page is live and they are running a 1/2 price sale on the entire B5 minis line - the AOG minis are the same castings that Mongoose will release, AOG used Hex bases, Mongoose uses Round onew
Supplies are limited...all I have is what's left over from a stock buyout I did some time ago. See the post over in the "A Call to Arms" topic for an explanation. Besides, you get a much better deal if you buy one of the upcoming Mongoose fleet boxes, which come with a TON of stuff.