Drivethru Print on Demand

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
I'm wondering why there are some 1st edition books that are PoD-able while other are not. For instance, it is possible to have the Book series #3 to #6 printed but not #7. Is there any specific reason to this?


Cosmic Mongoose
Priorities, I guess. I’m no expert, but the process behind making a drivethru release a POD item doesn’t appear to be an instant process. The time taken to make POD releases has to be balanced against the time required for new releases, which I assume is the priority.

I mean, it would be nice to see the whole classic Paranoia line being POD, but we’re still waiting for that too.


I bought the POD of #6 Military Vehicles and its very hard to tell the difference from my other original 1st edition books. Would love to see Cosmopolite and Powers and Principalities as POD.