Dredd in S&P 17 and 18


Dredd has been sorely missed from the pages of S&P, but he returns with a vengence in Issue 17:

Training Ground – Dredd meets Magnum Force in this target training scenario for Gangs of Mega-City One. Find out if you are the deadliest judge on the block!

Satanic Claus & The Slay Riders – Certifiable S&P assistant editor Matt Sharp has a Christmas treat for Judge Dredd fans. If you thought Bad Santa was naughty, think again…

It looks like I have my scenario for running during the Christmas break :)

Issue 18 also has a Dredd article:

Continuity In Crime – Nick Robinson argues the case that the best villains in Judge Dredd are those, like the Angel Gang, the Dark judges, Whitey and Orlok the Assassin, who come back time and again for more.

This one doesn't sound that good, but at least it's Dredd related.

Training ground is great fun, and you can play it solo too which is good when your always running games for other people :)

Dont even get me started on Satanic Claus & The Slay Riders :) I dont think I have laughed so much at a Dredd article period :) Mr Sharp sir you have my total respect.

A wise man once said, Dying thats easy, now writing comedy thats the real killer.

Both articles in issue 17 sound really good, so I'm looking forward to getting that issue soon. I was half expecting the cover art to be focused on Gangs of MC-1 to help promote the launch.

I was planning on doing a short scenario based on the turkey story... where the turkeys do all the work... stuffing themselves and then walking right into the oven for you... but now I should have even more material to make it work.

I'll have to reserve judgement on the issue 18 article, but the brief note about it does not make it sound that interesting.