Do I need 3 or 3.5


Which DnD players HB do I need? I own the 3rd ed original PHB and am looking at getting into the B5 RPG. I didn't like the old B5 RPG, but from the looks and sounds of this one it should be quite good. I'm not keen on replacing my 3rd ed books tho. Do I need any of the 3.5 ones :?:
B5 was designed before the coming of 3.5, so you should do fine with your edition. The references are minor, primarily oriented toward character creation and leveling, some feats and skills descriptions. If you want to take a peek at 3.5 without shelling the hard cash, you could always use the 3.5 SRD available freely and legally at or the modern at

I bought both D20 3.5 Pocket handbooks (fantasy & modern) from Mongoose for less than just the GM guide 3.5 from Wizards of the Coast. Modern is in many ways more relevant when you think about it, especially about Equipment and Massive Damage rules... Anyway, most of what you need is in the B5 core book, you can figure out the rest easily with some knowledge of d20, be it 3.0 or 3.5... Good luck with your game !
Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it. I'm trying to get together a group, but I may settle for just getting sky full of stars when it comes out. I looooove the starship combat.